Junior Faculty


Junior Faculty is organized by a group of junior researchers, the steering group. The steering group members plan and organize all events, sometimes in collaboration with others. We meet in the Segerstedt building once a month (usually third Thursday of the month at 12.15-13.30) and strive to have steering group members from as many research areas as possible.

Junior Faculty receives financial support from all three Disciplinary Domains at Uppsala University - Science and Technology, Medicine and Pharmacy and Humanities and Social Sciences.

The steering group is always open for new members. Please e-mail the Junior Faculty administrator at juniorfaculty@bmc.uu.se if you would like to come to a meeting to find out more!

Current steering group

Ronald van den Berg (chair 2018)
Year of dissertation: 2009
Academic position: forskare (docent)
Department: Psychology (HumSam)
Research interests: Computational models of visual perception and cognition
Something about me: Born in Netherlands, moved to Sweden in 2015
Hidden talent: making really unhealthy but tasty tiramisu
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Elisabeth Bolund (vice chair 2018)
Year of dissertation: 2009
Academic position: Assistant professor (forskarassistent)
Department: Ecology and Genetics (TekNat)
Research interest: Life-history evolution and quantitative genetics, with a focus on sex differences  
Something about me: I like reading, cooking and enjoying the sun.
Hidden talent: I know quite a few song lyrics by heart.
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Carl Caleman
Year of dissertation: 2007
Academic position: Researcher (group leader)
Department: Physics and Astronomy (TekNat)
Research interest: Interaction between intense xray pulses and matter
Something about me: I like the sea.  
Hidden talent: I sometimes sew clothes for the kids to play in.  
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Sanna Koskiniemi
Year of dissertation: 2010
Academic position: Associate senior lecturer (biträdande lektor)
Department: Cell and Molecular Biology (TekNat)
Research interest: Bacterial competition systems and their role in bacterial pathogenesis.
Something about me: When I’m not doing science I like to be outdoors and regularly go hiking or skiing.
Hidden talent: Solving mysteries in crime novels and thrillers.
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Dolly Kothawala
Department of Ecology and Genetics (TekNat)

Magnus Lundgren
Year of dissertation: 2007
Academic position: Assistant professor (forskarassistent)
Department: Cell and Molecular Biology (TekNat)
Research interest: The CRISPR prokaryotic immune system and its applications
Something about me: Active member of Amnesty International
Hidden talent: I like cooking for its mix of culture, art and science
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Peter Lönn
Year of dissertation: 2010
Academic position: Researcher
Department: Immunology, Genetics, and Pathology (MedFarm)
Research interest: Cell signaling and developing high-throughput methods to measure proteins, interactions and modifications in parallel.
Something about me: I have competed in alpine skiing and I still enjoy skiing both on- and off-piste. I also like playing squash.
Hidden talent: I learned to surf while living in San Diego. After a day in the lab, there is no better way to experience southern California sunsets.
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Erik Marklund
Department: Chemistry BMC (TekNat)

Gemma Mestres
Year of dissertation: 2012
Academic position: Assistant professor (forskarassistent)
Department: Engineering Sciences (TekNat)
Research interest: To develop a better model to evaluate the biological properties of biomaterials for bone regeneration using microfabrication techniques and microfluidics  
Something about me: I love dancing step choreographies
Hidden talent: I am a good listener.
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Therese Monstad
Department: Informatics and Media (HumSam)

Sabine Otto
Department: Peace and Conflict Research (HumSam)

Alexandra Petrulevich
Year of dissertation: 2016
Academic position: researcher
Department: Scandinavian Languages (HumSam)
Research interests: onomastics, language contact, language history, language geography, GIS
Hidden talent: can do shirshasana (headstand)
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Andrea Hinas
Year of dissertation: 2007
Academic position: Researcher (group leader)
Department: Cell and Molecular Biology (TekNat)
Research interest: The role of membrane-associated proteins in RNA interference and cell-cell transport of RNA
Something about me: Besides science, I spend most of my time hanging out with my family but I also enjoy running and reading books.
Hidden talent: I play the cello. This talent is becoming more and more hidden but I plan to at some point make it back to the University symphony orchestra.
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Senior advisors

Linus Sandegren (steering group member 2011-2016)
Year of dissertation: 2004
Academic position: Associate professor    
Department: Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology (MedFarm)
Research interest: Dynamics and spread of antibiotic resistance plasmids.
Something about me: Crazy flyfisherman.
Hidden talent: Expert in detecting the perfectly ripe avocado.
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Anna Rosling (steering group member 2013-2016)
Academic position: Senior Lecturer
Department: Ecology and Genetics (TekNat)