Junior Faculty

Improve your grant writing

Junior Faculty organizes yearly grant writing workshops for VR/Formas, as well as ERC seminars, usually together with Researcher Services at Uppsala University. Upcoming seminars and workshops will be announced on this website and by e-mail.

ERC seminar June 1, 2018

The slides from the ERC seminar on Starting and Consolidator grants (June 1, 2018) can be found below (links in schedule). The entire seminar can also be viewed via the following link: http://tcs.video.slu.se/tcs/?id=4d02e909-2fe2-4d56-ba39-67809bd4e592. I
Schedule (please click names/organisations for presentation slides)
13.05    Gergana Angelova Hamberg, Swedish Research Council, National Contact Points for ERC.
13.30    Göran Arnqvist, professor at Dept. of Ecology and Genetics, Evaluator for the Life Sciences panel in ERC StG 2016 and 2017.
14.00    Coffee break
14.15    Maria Tenje, senior lecturer at Dept. of Engineering Sciences, Recipients of the 2017 ERC Starting Grant for her project SONGBIRD
14.40    Annica Black-Schaffer, professor at Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Recipients of the 2017 ERC Starting Grant for her project ODDSUPER

VR/Formas seminar Thursday 18 January 2018

Are you planning to apply for a Starting Grant or similar from VR or Formas in 2018? If so, join us for a VR/Formas seminar featuring talks by Gergana Angelova Hamberg (VR), Elisabeth Göransson (Formas) and Staffan Svärd (professor at the Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology and experienced VR reviewer). The seminar is organized by Junior Faculty and Researcher Services (Forskningssekreterarna) and aimed towards junior researchers applying for grants in the Medicine/Health and Natural Sciences/Technology areas.

Location: lecture hall B22, Biomedical Center (BMC) http://www.bmc.uu.se/find-your-way/?languageId=1

13.00-13.15: Welcome by Junior Faculty and Research Secretaries
13.15-13.45: Swedish Research Council (VR) grants for junior researchers - Gergana Angelova Hamberg, VR
13.45-14.15: Formas grants for junior researchers - Ola Thomsson, Formas
14.15-15.00: How to write a (VR) grant application - Staffan Svärd, Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology
Fika will be served after the seminar.

Please sign up no later than 14 January using this link: http://doit.medfarm.uu.se/kurt11242

HumSam research funding workshop 5 Dec 2017

Are you a junior researcher (with PhD, but no permanent position) within the Humanities and Social Sciences and are planning to apply for research funding? If so, you may be interested in the funding workshop organized by Junior Faculty and the Researcher Services at Uppsala University.

Location: Plantskolan, Segerstedt building

09:00-09:10 Sabine Otto and Alexandra Petrulevich
, Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research, and Dept. of Scandinavian Languages, respectively. Sabine and Alexandra, Junior Faculty steering group members, will inform about the activities and organization of Junior Faculty.

09:10-10:30 Gustaf Gredebäck, Professor of Developmental Psychology and Manager of Uppsala Child & BabyLab, Dept of Psychology, Uppsala University. Gustaf is a member of the Scientific Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (Ämnesrådet för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap), Swedish Research Council, and has been both member and chair of the Swedish Research Council evaluation panel for psychology. He has recieved funding from numerous funders in Sweden and abroad, among them ERC and Wallenberg foundations - he is currently a Wallenberg Academy Fellow. He has a very broad experience in evaluation and will speak about those roles, and share some thoughts about what to keep in mind when applying for external funding.

10:30-10:45 Fika

10:45 - 12:00 Anders Westlin, Agneta Emanuelsson, and Gustav Sigeman, Research officers and EU-coordinator, respectively, at the Faculty offices for the Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University. Anders, Agneta and Gustav has ample experience in research administration, and will speak about available Research Services at Uppsala university, give some examples of funders and funding,and also  speak about the application processes and what to think about when you apply, e.g. the conditions for different types of grants.