Junior Faculty

Improve your grant writing

Junior Faculty organizes yearly grant writing workshops for VR/Formas, as well as ERC seminars, together with Researcher Services at Uppsala University. Upcoming seminars and workshops will be announced on this website and by e-mail. Below you will find the latest events.

VR/FORMAS grant application seminar Tuesday 17 January 13.00-15.00

Information about Swedish Research Council (VR) and FORMAS grants directed towards junior researchers (Starting Grants and similar, 2-7 (VR) or 2-8 (FORMAS) years after PhD) and advice on how to write a successful grant application. In addition, we will provide information about the grant writing workshop organized by Junior Faculty and the Research Secretaries at Uppsala University. The seminar is open for researchers from all fields but aimed towards the Medicine/Health and Natural Sciences/Technology areas.

Room: Ekmansalen, EBC, Uppsala

Preliminary program (may be subject to change):
13.00-13.15: Welcome by Junior Faculty (Andrea Hinas) and Research Secretaries (Anders Jonsson)
13.15-13.45: Swedish Research Council (VR) grants for junior researchers - Gergana Angelova Hamberg, VR
13.45-14.15: FORMAS grants for junior researchers - Elisabet Göransson, FORMAS
14.15-15.00: How to write a (VR) grant application - Staffan Svärd, Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology

Junior Faculty’s VR/Formas grant writing workshop spring 2017

Are you a junior researcher planning to apply for a Starting Grant or similar (not postdoc fellowship) from VR or Formas in 2017? If so, you may be interested in the  VR/Formas grant writing workshop organized by Junior Faculty and the Researcher Services at Uppsala University.

During the workshop, participants meet in groups of one mentor and usually 3-5 participants. The schedule and format of these meetings are decided by the mentors/groups. Mentor groups are formed based on similar topics/review panels as far as possible and all participants are expected to read and comment on each others applications.

Since the availability of mentors limits the number of participants, we ask that you only apply if you are sure that you will be able to devote enough time to write your application/participate in the workshop. Please note that if you are accepted to the workshop but do not attend, you will not be able to sign up for the 2018 workshop.

Workshop format
This year, the format is slightly different from previous years and is outlined below:
- Before 1 December: submit application to grant writing workshop
- December: formation of mentor groups, information sent out to participants
- Mid/late January (exact date to be announced): VR/Formas information seminar (open for all, not just workshop participants)
- January-grant deadline in March/April (depending on grant): groups meet according to their own schedule

Who can join the workshop?
Formation of workshop groups is always dependent on the availability of mentors and thus participation can never be guaranteed. To apply to the workshop, you need to fulfil one of the following criteria depending on which grant you are applying for:

1.    PhD 2-7 years ago (adjusted for deductible time, e.g. parental leave) for applications to VR (Starting Grant/Etableringsbidrag or Research Project Grant) or
2.    PhD 2-8 years ago (adjusted for deductible time, e.g. parental leave) for applications to Formas (Future Research Leaders).

Check list for workshop application
- Any deductible time after your PhD (e.g. parental leave), calculated as months of 100%
- Preliminary title of application
- Preliminary summary, maximum 1500 characters including spaces, following the guidelines for the grant you are applying for
- Primary and secondary review panels (please check VR or Formas websites)
- Motivation for participation in the workshop

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Hinas (JF administrator) at juniorfaculty@bmc.uu.se. Welcome with your application!