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Seminars and workshops

Junior Faculty organizes recruitment workshop on Wednesday 10 May 2017

Recruiting PhD students, postdocs and other personnel in an efficient way is a crucial but difficult task for group leaders. Join this workshop to find out more about the recruitment process, including common pitfalls and how to avoid them. The workshop, including sandwich and coffee, is free of charge and will be held by Merro Awad from KanZen Consulting. The entire event will be in English. For more information about the training, workshop instructor, and how to sign up, see below.

Program Wednesday May 10:
11.30 Lunch sandwich will be provided outside lecture hall A1:104b, BMC.
12.00 -16.00: Workshop. Application including pre-workshop assignment (see below) must be submitted no later than Friday 28 April using this form. In the case of more applicants than places available, priority will be given to junior group leaders/PIs and participants will be further selected based on the information provided in the application form.

Information about the training:
This training covers the fundamental principles of suitability assessment in selection/recruitment. You will get an understanding of the overall selection process, which methods to use and which to avoid, and a chance to apply it to a real life example related to your area. The training contains a mix of theory and hands-on training.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • What is competence-based recruitment?
  • How to create a job profile
  • What drives performance?
  • Pitfalls in recruiting, and how to avoid them
  • How to obtain the best information from an interview (STAR technique)
  • Structure of an interview

About the trainer:
Merro Awad is a licensed psychologist who helps organizations with their selection and development processes. In his everyday work as a consultant, he analyses the key needs that companies have and then helps them find the talented people that can meet these needs - using scientifically sound methods. Merro is an experienced trainer and much appreciated lecturer, whose core expertise evolves around talent management, personality assessment and communication.

Pre-workshop assignment for training "Personality assessment in selection"
In order to get the maximum benefit from the training, the participants are required to complete a preparatory assignment. It should take only 15- 30 min, but will make the content of the training more useful:

Think about a position that you want to recruit someone for. If you do not have any upcoming recruitments at this time, you can instead use a position that you have recruited for before. If you have never recruited anyone you can consider your own recruitment procedure.

  • First, make a bullet point list for abilities that your consider important for the position.
  • Second, distinguish between (1) formal qualities (such as level of education, specific knowledge or experience needed), and (2) personal qualities (such as being organized, social skills, analytical ability and so on).
  • In the last step, try to assess the importance of each of these qualities for this specific position. Assign each quality either the grade "essential" or "highly desirable".

Upload the assignment with your application at http://doit.medfarm.uu.se/kurt10156 and bring two printed copies of the assignment to the workshop. Please note that the number of places in the workshop are limited, you will be contacted shortly after the application deadline with the result.

Seminar on career paths at Uppsala University, Wednesday 22 March 2017

An open seminar on "How to succeed as a researcher at Uppsala University/in Sweden" was jointly organized by the Young Academy of Sweden (http://www.sverigesungaakademi.se/index.html) and Junior Faculty at Uppsala University (www.juniorfaculty.bmc.uu.se) in Ekmansalen, EBC, Wednesday 22 March (see schedule below).

The slides from Mats Larhed's presentation can be downloaded here.

13.15-13.20     Welcome
13.20-13.40     Presentation of the Young Academy of Sweden
13.40-14.00     Presentation of Junior Faculty
14.00-14.40     Mats Larhed: Presentation of Uppsala University as employer for young researchers. What does the career path look like at Uppsala University today? What will happen in terms of career paths and tenure track positions in the near future?
14.40-15.00     Fika
15.00-16.00     Panel discussion with representatives from Uppsala university (Humsam, Teknat, Medfarm), Junior Faculty and the Young Academy of Sweden. What do career paths look like in the different disciplines? What criteria are used for promotion in the different disciplines? What will happen in terms of career paths and tenure track positions in the near future?
16.00-17.00    Mingle/pub outside Ekmansalen (beer will be provided at cost price, please pay by cash or swish)