Links and resources

Here we will collect links, presentations and other resources that may be of use to junior researchers. If you have other ideas on what to include, please e-mail

Presentations from JF activities


  • VR/Formas grant seminar January 19, 2021 – for TekNat/MedFarm/HumSam

  1. Presentation from the ​VR representative, Kristian Haller
  2. Presentation from the Formas representative, Anders Clarhäll
  3. The perspective from a reviewer, Caroline Wählby


  • VR/Formas grant seminar January 14, 2020, 13.00-15.00 – for TekNat/MedFarm/HumSam

  1. Information from representatives from UU Research Support, Carin Marciszko
  2. VR grants for junior researchers, Kristian Haller (VR)
  3. Formas grants for junior researchers, Åsa Frisk (Formas)
  4. How to write a successful grant application, a TekNat/MedFarm-perspective, Staffan Svärd (Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology)
  5. How to write a successful grant application, a HumSam-perspective, Christine Fawcett (Dept. of Psychology)


  • ERC StG and CoG-seminar 13 June 2019, Uppsala University
  1. "Meeting agenda, contact information and useful ERC websites/documents"
  2. "ERC presentation from National Contact Point, The Swedish Research Council", Lena Renner
  3. "ERC from an evaluator's perspective", Helena Grennberg
  4. "ERC from an ERC grantee's perspective", Tove Fall



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